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Who We Are

Hello, my name is Kristine Winniford and I am a plant lover and ally.  I dwell in the beautiful garden pictured above, planting and toiling to my hearts delight.  I work with my husband to grow a variety of Certified Organic crops on our small mountain valley farm in Northeast Washington State.  In our garden, sustainability is always our foremost priority.  We build beautiful soil through old fashioned, organic methods like cover crops and animal manures.  We never use any sort of pesticide, herbicide, or synthetic fertilizer.  We live in a rural, protected community where fresh water bubbles out of the ground, the deer and the elk roam, and the air is clean and pure.  Our unique location brings us long, hot, sunny days followed by cool, crisp nights; the perfect environment to produce richly aromatic plants full of essential plant medicines.   We steward our little slice of heaven to the best of our ability and grow crops that nourish our communities near and far.  We grow heirloom garlic for our Organic seed company, we grow healthy, vital vegetables and herbs for our family and local community, and we grow aromatic herbs and flowers which we distill into the aromatic flower waters known as hydrosols that we share here and with our various retail partners. 

All of the herbs and flowers that I distill are grown here in our garden.  We harvest them when they are full of flowers and vitality and load them straight into our traditional copper stills.  I add fresh spring water, gentle heat, and allow the process to strip the plants of their volatile components and gently carry them through the steam to be cooled into a beautiful plant essence we know as hydrosol.  Our hydrosols are produced in a clean, dedicated facility where every aspect of their production can be carefully monitored and controlled.  I take every necessary precaution to be certain that our hydrosols are free from any potential contamination and packaged for the longest possible shelf life.  

I distill for a variety of customers, from large skin care brands to clinical aromatherapists, but I also distill for our own customers who use our hydrosols to enrich their daily lives.  I provide a size for every customer and every application, and value each customer equally.  No matter how a hydrosol is sold, each bottle is full of love and reverence for the plant and the process of distillation.  Our customers can feel the love and intention that goes into each product, and I hope that you'll give us a try.

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