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I love that my morning and evening facial routine is centered on getting to choose the hydrosols that are "calling to me".  Intuitively, we know what our bodies need and having an array to choose from, I find that I choose the herb I need to balance the moment physically and emotionally. 


If you are using hydrosols for their aromatherapy properties, this collection will give you a nice base to work from.  Dilution is not necessary with this gentle modality and hydrosols are generally safe to use with kids and pets.  


Contains 9 Beautiful Hydrosols, in our 4 oz glass bottles with fine mist spray tops. 

Rose Geranium

Rose Geranium & Lemon Balm (a co-distillation)

Lemon Balm




German Chamomile

Wild Yarrow



See our How to Use Hydrosols for more information

9 Hydrosol Collection

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