Colorful layers each uniquely scented. Bright and fresh, perfect for waking up your senses or keeping next to the kitchen sink.


The soap itself features our classic, Everyday Recipe that is full of cleansing, yet nourishing oils. This soap rinses away leaving your hands and body feeling clean and moisturized without any residue.


Ingredients Organic Palm oil, Coconut oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Ghee, Castor oil, essential oils**, micas for colorant


Each soap weighs aproximately 5 oz

** Lemongrass, Orange, & Lime

Organic Soap Citrus Scented

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  • Soap is a natural process that occurs when water and lye (Sodium hydroxide or Potassium hydroxide, depending on the type of soap) come together with oil.  The chemical reaction known as saponification results in these ingredients transforming into soap.  

    Different oils each have different qualities.  Some produce a harder or softer bar; others are more or less cleansing; some oils are more nourishing than others.  As a soap maker, I have played with many oils in different ratios.  My choice of oils depends on the designed use and what customer I have in mind. 

    My Everyday Recipe is designed to be cleansing, while moisturizing and nourishing.  I wash my hands at least a dozen times a day, and they never get dried out.  We all bathe with this soap, and our bodies are clean without squeak or residue.  We find this soap to be non-drying, but pair it with our Body Butter Bar when our arid climate takes it's toll.