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Organic Hydrosols

What is a hydrosol? 

Hydrosol is another name for a steam-distilled plant or flower water.  We obtain hydrosols by heating freshly harvested herbs or flowers with water, and then capturing and cooling the steam back into a water.  Hydrosols are also called hydrolat's, flower/floral waters, and aromatic plant waters.  They are not the same as a product containing essential oils dissolved and/or diluted with water.  

Hydrosols are distinctly different from their essential oil counterparts because the plants volatile components are still held suspended within the water, they have not yet separated out in an essential oil.  This makes them ideal for all water situations, especially skin care where our bodies are made up of 70% water.  Hydrosols are easily absorbed into the skin without any sort of carrier necessary.

How are hydrosols made?

Freshly harvested herbs are loaded into our traditional copper stills with fresh spring water.  We gently heat the herbs and water, capturing the steam into the hat of the still.  From the hat the steam travels through a copper coil submersed in cold water and returns to its water state.  It is now in 2 forms, the hydrosol and the essential oil (if present).  The liquids run into a separatory funnel where the essential oil will typically float to the top of the hydrosol.  The hydrosol is drained into sterile containers, filtered, and bottled as fresh, unadulterated hydrosol.  

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