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This salve is absolutely amazing.  It's our "go to" salve for any sort of skin irritation or dryness.  


A simple but powerful balm based on our triple infused calendula oil.  We hand pick our Certified Organic calendula flowers when they are at their peak and full of resin, they are dried in the shade to preserve their beautiful, bright color, and then solar infused into olive oil.  We refresh the oil with new flowers for a total of 3 times, resulting in a beautiful orange oil full of calendula resin that smells and looks like liquid sunshine.   


INGREDIENTS: Organic calendula, Organic olive oil, Organic sunflower oil, local beeswax, and Organic essential oils distilled on our farm.


PLEASE NOTE:  German Chamomile is a beautiful blue essential oil.  When added to the calendula salve it turns the salve a grass colored green.  This is normal and quite pretty, but isn't the orange you'd expect.

Calendula Salve

  • Western States $5.95

    Central States $6.95

    Eastern States $8.95

    Free Shipping on orders over $50

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