German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), sometimes called Blue Chamomile, is deeply relaxing and soothing, bringing both emotional comfort and physical calming to the skin.  German Chamomile quells anxiety and helps you to feel centered and calm.  Tones skin, calms redness, and relaxes the sense.   Great for sunburns, itchy dry skin, or as an aftershave; use alone or combine with lavender or rose geranium hydrosol. Great in the diffuser at night.


General Hydrosol Uses


Hydrosols are great for the skin. Hydrosols to return the skin to balance after washing. As a facial toner apply directly with the spray applicator or with a cotton ball.

Combine with your favorite facial oil for an oil and water cleaning.

Combine with your favorite facial serum for ultimate hydration.

Combine with clay or honey for a weekly facial mask.

Add to your favorite shampoo or conditioner.


Dry, thirsty skin readily absorbs hydrosols: apply everywhere for instant refreshment. Use on sun, wind, or cold stressed skin; after bathing and swimming; dry, itchy skin; and anytime you want to enjoy their rich, floral aroma's.


Hydrosols are great for freshening up any space. Use as an all-natural air freshener, car freshener, linen refresher, in the humidifier or fine mist diffuser, anywhere you'd like to smell flowers.


A hydrosol may be used for aromatherapy in the same way their essential oil is used. If you enjoy the many therapeutic benefits of essential oils, consider learning about hydrosols as substitute or complement to your essential oils.


Great for homemade or boutique skin care. Substitute hydrosols for any portion of the water in your water-based formulations such as lotions, gels, shampoos, or face/body sprays.


All of our hydrosols and herbal products start out as seed or seedling on our small, family farm. Our little mountain valley in Northeast Washington state has deep, mineral rich soil; cool, fresh spring water; and long, sunny days. This all helps us to produce high quality, vital herbs and flowers that produce exquisite, vital hydrosols. Our hydrosols are never the by-product of an essential oil. They are aromatically rich and complex. Experience the difference, you'll never go back.


Fresh German Chamomile hydrosol has a blue tint that quickly fades to a straw color.  It is normal to observe a pink, coppery sediment at the bottom of this hydrosol.  This is due to copper precipitating out of the solution.  It is not a sign of contamination and poses no harm.  It is also seen in Tulsi and other basil hydrosols.  It is a sign of a quality hydrosol that has been distilled in a traditional copper still.  It is thought that this dissolved copper is part of what makes these hydrosols so shelf stable as copper is a natural anti-microbial.


4 oz bottle comes in a clear, glass bottle with a fine mist spray applicator

8, 16, & 32 oz comes in a clear, glass bottle with black, twist off cap


1 & 5 Gallons comes in HDPE plastic jugs


German Chamomile Hydrosol

  • Hydrosols are a perishable product, for the longest storage life they should be kept in a cool and dark location (refridgeration is ideal). 

    We package our hydrosols into clear glass bottles.  We prefer the use of clear over colored glass because this allows you to monitor their quality.  Our hydrosols contain no preservatives and can become contaminated if exposed to fingers or an unsanitized utensil. 

    Hydrosols should remain their same color.  The exception to this is Chamomile, Tulsi, and other basils which will develop a pink, copper sediment.  This is due to dissolved copper from the distillation process that continues to precipitate out from the hydrosol.  It is not a contamination, and causes no harm.

    Shelf life is 18 months from distillation.  Any hydrosol you've bought from us will be from the most recent growing season.