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Lavender hydrosol is balancing, calming, and soothing for all skin types. It calms the spirit and promotes restfulness. Lavender has also been used extensively to treat burns, skin infections and other skin problems. We grow, harvest and distill this floral water from several cultivars of organic Lavendula angustifolia. It is a beautiful sweet floral scent. It’s a favorite one for us to treat big bites, scrapes, rashes and burns. It has been shown to have anti-microbial activity.


Our hydrosols are packaged in clear glass except for 1 & 5 gallons which are shipped in HDPE jugs.


5 gallons jug do not qualify for flat rate shipping, we will contact you with a shipping quote or you can email me at 


See our How to Use Hydrosols to learn more

Lavender Hydrosol

  • Lavender hydrosol should clear.

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