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The yarrow grown in our microregion has a unique herbaceous and earthy scent.  The essential oil is a deep blue and very potent.  Yarrow has many skin care benefits and is often used to reduce the appearance of acne scars.   Combined with gentle massage, I have used it to reduce the scar tissue from an old wound.  


In our home yarrow is greatly valued for all bumps, bruises, minor skin wounds, rashes, muscle spasms, aches, pains, and menstrual relief.  We love it for bug bites, it takes out the itch and quickly heals the bite.  For bee stings, we combine with a plaintain poultice and it quickly reduces the swelling and takes out the heat of the sting. It's an all-around must have for every home apothecary!


Our hydrosols are packaged in clear glass except for 1 & 5 gallons which are shipped in HDPE jugs.


See our How to Use Hydrosols for more information

Yarrow Hydrosol

  • Yarrow hydrosol is clear and the essential oil from this yarrow is a deep blue due to the Azulene content.

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