Nourish Your Senses with our Garden Fresh Hydrosols

Our hydrosols are distilled from freshly harvested herbs and flowers using pristine mountain spring water and traditional copper stills. These aromatic waters capture the essence of the herbs on a hot summer day and brings that gift to you, to enjoy every day.  They are ideal for cosmetic use and aroma therapy.

This hydrosol is not a by-product of the essential oil process. It has been distilled over a longer and slower process that encourages the plants volatile components to stay in the water and not separate out into oil. Each spray contains many plant components, in very small amounts.

All of our hydrosols and herbal products start out as seed or seedling on our small, family farm. Our little mountain valley in Northeast Washington state has deep, mineral rich soil; cool, fresh spring water; and long, sunny days.  This all helps us to produce high quality, vital herbs and flowers that produce exquisite, vital hydrosols.

Our hydrosols are never the by-product of an essential oil.  They are aromatically rich and complex.  Experience the difference, you'll never go back.

Plants are picked at their peak quality...

...and go right into our traditional copper stills

Our distillery is very small in the world of commercial distilleries.  We have 2 large commercial stills, both made in Portugal in the traditional copper alembic style.  These stills are used to produce the majority of our hydrosols.  We also have a much smaller copper still, for our limited-edition batches and experimenting. 

We strive to grow the highest quality herbs and flowers and then transform them into rich, vital hydrosols.  Experience the beauty and simplicity of our aromatic plant waters, fresh from the garden distillery.

Our Certified Organic hydrosols are the sustainable answer to everyday aromatherapy and organic, plant based skin care.

Our hydrosols are distilled from fresh, organic herbs right in our on farm distillery, where we can focus on a high quality product.  

We work hard to provide you with the freshest, highest quality product available.  Give us a try and experience the difference.